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Henry Santos

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Eri A

Loving this software - it is so much easier than anything else I have used in the past. I started using this software only a week ago and I'm on YouTube page 1 for several niche long tail keywords. Kudos to the TubeDominator Team.

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Youtube Is AN Absolute Traffic Goldmine
& This Is An Undeniable FACT.

Hey there, my name is Victory Akpos and I’m a 7 figure techpreneur and a long time online marketer and software developer, and in the last few years I’ve been crushing it on youtube and I have quite a few lessons and things to say about this traffic source.

Stay with me for 5 minutes or so, I wrote the headlines clearly so you can even SKIP all the text if you want to and read just the headline to get the jist of it.

Regardless, it’s time we talk about everything, and why even after everything I still highly recommend youtube for beginners.

There is NO place like youtube to get traffic, with BILLIONS of visitors daily and ultra targeted keywords, audiences and clicks, youtube can turn the average person into a millionaire with the right videos..

Plus The Fact That It’s Video Traffic Only Makes It BETTER!

Diving a bit deeper into youtube you realize it’s not just HUGE and profitable, but it’s also VIDEO traffic.

What’s so special about Video Traffic?

Well, video traffic is the BEST quality traffic there is, because it pre-conditions visitors to become fans, followers and buyers, as well as has the ability to DRAW IN eyeballs organically and naturally.
Yes, you do need a good video for that, but we take care of that for you.

However, even when compared to other traffic sources, Video Traffic wins.

Forget paid traffic, solo ads, list building, social media..all that is completely DWARFED compared to video traffic and especially video traffic from youtube.

Youtube Is An Absolute Nightmare For Beginners

This is where we start changing our tone, and where you can start relating to what’s REALLY happening in the industry.

Because all these amazing traffic numbers are great and all, but they’re not worth anything if you can’t really get them.

What do I mean by that? well..

Building Backlinks, Researching & Creating Quality Content, SEO Optimization, Even If You Create The Most Amazing Video EVER..Won’t Work For You Anymore.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you already kinda knew that, and unfortunately, the truth has to be spoken before we even talk about the solution.

This is a real problem online now, if you want SEO traffic, no matter what you do, build backlinks, optimize like a pro, create the most amazing videos, research and come up with the best content will most likely fail..and this is why:

Here’s The Reality:
It’s NEVER Been Harder To Rank A Video
On Page #1 Let Alone The Top Positions

We are at a time where because A.I is introduced, and the sheer amount of new people that try their luck in SEO, youtube and trying to be popular, many things that used to work a certain way don’t work anymore.

For example..

Breaking Your Back Building Thousands Quality Backlinks Is Time & Effort Wasted In VEIN - Especially With Youtube.

Even up until recently backlinks worked just fine, if you have enough backlinks and they’re all high quality you should rank pretty good.

And there are also some softwares that helps do that. Very expensive though.

The problem though isn’t backlinks, it’s that they don’t work anymore.

BARELY..And that’s because EVERYBODY uses backlinks, the quality goes down, the competition is high, it’s not effective anymore.

And I’ll let you in on a little insider secret, backlinks never really worked for youtube, youtube HATES classic backlinks, and that’s because they PREFER to keep ALL traffic WITHIN the platform.

This is a real, not hidden and very well known preference they have.

Plus, Big Youtube Channels Get All The Traffic Every Time, Leaving Beginners Struggling Even MORE Than Before

This is double edged sword right here, because big youtube channels bring the most money to youtube, and so the algorithm naturally prefers them.

All while at the same time, without new channels, without beginners creating content, youtube will DIE.

And they know that, which is why beginners still are able to rank for a while, maybe hours, maybe days, but it doesn’t stick, the competition is at it’s highest ever, even among beginners.

Everybody wants a piece of the youtube traffic pie, and that’s both good and bad.

Good because there’s LOADS of traffic and money to be made - youtube is a goldmine.
Bad because the chances of you or anyone beating the competition are tiny, especially for the harder, more competitive keywords.

And Last But Not Least, The Biggest Problem You Will Face: Youtube’s Algorithm.

And then we come to the biggest problem of ALL problems, the unsolvable, the everchanging, EXTREMELY SPECIFIC youtube algorithm..

Not only youtube’s algorithm is an enigma for most, which makes it extremely hard to rank.

It’s also different than most, because unlike google which wants outside traffic, which has clear preferences for quality content, time spent on site and more..

Youtube’s Algorithm Works DIFFERENT Than Other Algorithms, With Youtube, It’s Not Just About Having Things Done “Right”, It’s About Being Always On Top Of The Newest Trends & SEO Requirements

Youtube’s algorithm HATES “outside traffic”, it hates backlinks, quality content is EVERYWHERE on youtube and what REALLY matters to them is the WATCH TIME of the video, the engagement, and being RELEVANT to the new trends.

And so that means that you don’t only need a good video, you need a KILLER video, one that captivates them from start to finish, all while being perfectly optimized to the technical requirements of the algorithm.

Being up to speed and adapting to the algorithm is KEY.

To Conclude..The Key Is Quality Attractive & Converting Videos + Perfect SEO Optimization + Algorithm Adapting = Guaranteed & Massive Success In Youtube Even For A COMPLETE Beginner.

Let’s put A.I and automation aside for a second, if you have the ability to create many quality and converting videos, optimizing them all PERFECTLY and keep re-optimizing and making changes per the different trends and algorithm changes, you are guaranteed to be hitting page #1 rankings again and again, without fail, completely IGNORING the competition.

Unfortunately, you and I both know that that’s impossible for a person to do.

Even The Most Grizzed SEO Veterans Work Countless Hours Daily On Boring Tasks

Regardless of algorithm changes or your SEO skills, SEO unless automated is grunt work. You’ll find yourself sitting for 10 hours a day just writing and deleting text, keywords, checking them in SEO and proofread checkers, optimizing your descriptions and so much more. And if you’re ranking videos, it’s even MORE work.

Unless you have 16 hands, 16 eyes and 14 brains, you can’t do it all yourself.

And hiring SEO experts is VERY expensive and extremely risky which renders it IRRELEVANT for the majority of small businesses, online marketers and youtubers.

The Solution To All These Challenges? Using A.I To Automate As Much As Possible With A Focus On The Algorithm!

Out of all the SEO services you can hire to boost your rankings, more and more are dying everyday, and being replaced by A.I.

Whether you think it’s good or bad is not relevant, what’s relevant is that it’s happening, it’s unstoppable and you need to be using A.I.

Using A.I In Your Marketing Is No Longer Optional To Get Rankings, It’s NECESSARY!

Ok now that it’s clear that A.I is a must, and whether you like it or not, if you want traffic beyond your wildest dreams, passively, automatically and reliably, you MUST USE A.I.

However, you may be wondering:

“Ok Victory, I agree with you, but I am sure I’ve seen A.I SEO offers in the past, won’t they work the same as this?”

GREAT question, and you’d be right if such solutions existed, but unfortunately..there aren’t many at all, and those that do..suck.

First off you need to know seo to know what tools you need.

Then you need to buy these tools, if they exist at all (some do, some don’t)

And then you need to make it all work together in one smooth campaign.


Existing A.I Solutions Are Severely Lacking In Features, Pricing & Support To Name A Few!

And this is not to throw shade on anyone, In fact, without some of these solutions, we wouldn’t have gotten ideas to make the ultimate solution.

However, the fact is that right now, existing A.I solutions are severely lacking in features, so there’s not a single solution that does it all, pricing, because they’re extremely expensive, and support, because normally customer support on A.I products is low quality, as I’m sure you’ve noticed.

There Isn’t A Single A.I Solution Yet That Does It All And Does It WELL. So We End Up Buying Dozens Of Different Tools.

And last but not least, even if you have the money and the knowledge to buy all these different tools and then connect them together into 1 smooth traffic campaign, you’ll still be working hours a day on tasks that the softwares don’t automate.

That’s because there ISN’T a single A.I solution for ALL Youtube SEO tasks! Well, until TubeDominator.

However, With The Right “Algorithm-Adapting” Technology, It’s Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy.

So like I said..there are plenty of challenges if you want to get youtube traffic..

Most of these challenges can be solved with A.I, and if done right, all of them can be automated with A.I, allowing you to work about 1 minute to set the whole thing up.

And when you do use good A.I, like TubeDominator for example, your whole life will change in an instant.

It Has NEVER Been Easier For Someone With NO Video Or SEO Experience WHATSOEVER, To Generate Over 1,000+ Free Targeted Clicks/Day To Any Offer

Ready To Dominate Youtube’s First Page Without Fail?

What is TubeDominator?

TubeDominator is our cloud based A.I platform, Powered By Our Very Own Patent Pending All-Seeing-Eye (A.S.E) A.I Technology, That Constantly Scours & Updates It’s Own Algorithm & It’s Own Database With The Latest Data From Youtube.

So, It’s Not Just Algorithm Adjusting, It’s TREND Adjusting Too!

TubeDominator Is Fully A.I Based And Works In 3 Simple Steps



Tell our A.I your niche, keyword or URL, and it’ll instantly start working on creating everything for you, from coming up with ideas, to creating a script, then the video, optimizing the video, creating thumbnails, tags, and everything needed from 0 to hero.



Review everything the A.I has created and make any changes you want, remember, you are always in control of the content before it goes out. Once you’re OK with everything, you can tell the A.I to create everything.



Thats’s it! After reviewing and approving everything to your liking, and giving the green light to the A.I to begin creating, working and publishing, you will start seeing your positions increase on youtube, and you’ll start getting traffic.

Once You Finish These 3 Steps,
Results Like These Will Simply Start Flowing:

Here Are The Results Of Other Users Leveraging TubeDominator To Create Solid Monthly Income With Monetized Faceless YouTube Channels. You Too Can Do This Without Creating
Your Own Videos Or Showing Your Face.

Start Using TubeDominator To Turn ANY Keyword, URL Or Text Command
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Let’s Dive Deeper Into Understanding The Mind Of Our A.I..

TubeDominator’s Foundation Is Google & Youtube Friendly,
Which Means Long Term, Dependable Rankings!

The VERY foundation on which TubeDominator is built is all about giving google/youtube what it wants.

When it creates videos, when it creates video backlinks, when it optimizes your videos, when it ranks you higher with the help of our A.I, it’s 100% WHITEHAT focused..

Youtube LOVES the videos TubeDominator creates, and it was designed for that, so the rankings will be long term.

Rankings are pointless if you keep dropping, trust me, you can’t run a business with random numbers, you need to plan ahead, it’s a business.

With TubeDominator A.I, You Don’t Have To Worry About Algorithm Changes, Research, SEO Work, Your Competition Or Getting Banned.

And not because these things go “poof”.

They’re still very much there.

But if you need 200 hours and 10 SEO tools to take down a competitor, with TubeDominator you only need 1 minute and a little chat with a smart A.I chatbot.

From there, it will do the rest, video creation, adjusting to the algorithm, spying and matching the competition, SEO optimization and publishing your content as video backlinks, and so much more.

Watch How We Consistently Rank On Positions #1 - #10 On Youtube For HUGE Traffic Keywords (The Most Competitive):

Here Are The Features That Make TubeDominator
The Most Advanced & Complete A.I SEO Solution Until Now

Secret Keyword Finder

The keyword you want to rank for is the most important decision you will make, picking the right keyword is critical beyond everything else.

Why? Well, the keywords you WANT (think Weight Loss, Make Money Online, Etc) are EXTREMELY competitive and hard to rank for..

Yet for long form keywords, it might be easier to rank but they hold little to no traffic (50 - 100 searches per month)..

The way we dominate youtube is by using what we call Secret Keywords, these are basically hidden keywords which hold enough traffic in their belly but are not competitive at all, little known, and easy to rank for.

And our A.I is an expert is finding those.

Flawless Idea Generation

Even if you have absolutely NO idea about what type of video to create, what content it should contain, how the script should go, what the audience LIKES..

You don’t need to worry about it anymore, our A.I’s flagship feature will suggest and generate ideas that are based on REAL time trend and algorithmic data, making sure that whatever you create has a higher chance to perform well and get ranked, get traffic, engagement, and a viral effect.

Deep & Complete Market Analysis In 1 Click

Market research is boring but also very important, but instead of doing it yourself and then figuring out WHAT to do with that data, our A.I will perform a deep and complete market analysis anytime you want it to, and get you the most important data right now.

You can predict your success before you even publish a video.

High Converting & Unique Script Creation

Content creation is just as important as the video itself when it comes to youtube.

You want to have a smooth and high converting script that is going to captivate viewers from the get go.

Our A.I will create scripts for you to review before making the video itself, and these scripts are always unique and always based on the latest data the A.I has collected.

Youtube-Friendly & Attractive Video Creation From Any URL, Keyword or Text.

Now we’re getting to the videos themselves..this is where we shine!

A good video for youtube has to be created and published fast so you hit the trends, and it has to be captivating enough, not just the script, but also the graphics and voice over and music and everything else has to be spot on.

And yes, this is where we SHINE! TubeDominator will quickly create an awesome and engaging video, and all you need is to give it text, enter a keyword, use the generated script or just add ANY URL you want and it’ll turn that into a profitable video!

Ultra Fast Rendering & A Light Weight Dashboard

Rendering is a big issue with videos, but we didn’t come here with issues, we came with solutions, and our rendering is industry leading without any delays or crashes, as well as a light weight, easy to use and intuitive dashboard to control your traffic and business as effortlessly as possible.

High Performance Ranking & Optimization

Your video script, your descriptions, your metadata, your titles, your youtube posts, all these must be pitch perfect optimized to fit the youtube ALGORITHM.

And naturally, since this is A.S.E tech (All Seeing Eye), it constantly updates it’s own data base with the latest data from the algorithm, and when creating and optimizing your videos and channels, it will make sure you are custom tailored to the algorithm.

And any algorithm changes that happen in the future? The A.I will be updated as well.

Clever & Effective Competition Bypassing

Like I said so many times on this page, the competition is your best friend and your biggest enemy.

Competition means there’s money and traffic in the keyword, no competition means there isn’t any.

Aside from our main flagship “hidden keyword finder” feature, we also have multiple Optimizations in place supported by our Algorithm Adapting & Trend Adapting features to effectively bypass the competition.

Just pick a keyword and let our A.I do the rest.

Attention Grabbing Thumbnail Creation

Your thumbnail is the most important part of your video, believe it or not, when it comes to thumbnails you have only 1 chance to beat the competition and grab that viewer to yourself.

A good thumbnail is a must and our in house thumbnail creator will make sure you get unique and custom tailored graphics you can use as thumbnails to get the most viewers.

Real Time Analytics & Birds Eye View Of Performance

Want to know exactly what’s happening in your business? What’s working and what’s hurting you, what keywords are performing and what keywords are going to be performing better soon, our real time analytics offer a birds eye view of every single important detail you need to know.

And DOZENS More Support Features That Make The Main Features Work Better & Be More Effective!

If you want to get into the nitty gritty of our features, make sure to check out the demo below.

But in a nutshell, the features I introduced above are just the tip of the iceberg, and there are dozens of other features working in conjunction with the other features to make sure you can launch a video and get it ranked for your picked keyword as soon as minutes from now.

Test It Out For 30 Days Without Commiting:

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Why Our Agency Clients Just Can’t
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Which Is Why We Made TubeDominator
Fully Commercially Licensed For You.

When you get TubeDominator today, if so you choose, you’ll instantly get a special license which normally we sell as an upgrade, called the Commercial License.

Now here’s where it gets VERY interesting.

You will be in possession of the single biggest “SEO NUKE” there can be, you choose a niche or a keyword and you will rank for it.

Why not SELL that, and make even more money (much more)

Here’s how it works:

Since TubeDominator automates every single important SEO task there is, you can actually sell SEO services to clients on places like fiverr, charge less than the competition and deliver work faster, and snatch many of the buyers on the market.

And that’s not “theory”.

It’s results based.

These Are The Kind Of Sales You Can Expect
From The Commercial License:

PLUS..EXCLUSIVE BONUSES For The Fast Action Takers:



Fast Action Bonus #1

White-Label License to SEOZIN: Youtube SEO Booster (Worth $997)

SEOZIN helps generate easy to rank for tags by doing deep research into big tags and coming up with better, smaller tags.

The application is very easy to use, You just have to enter the topic of your youtube videos to get the best tags to boost your videos or if you want to see the tags of a particular high ranking video just paste the url of any video and extract tags will be displayed. These tags can be selected and copied to be used in your channel videos.

In addition to that also it is possible to select and copy individual tags by clicking over it to select them. Also, you can post the url of the high ranking YouTube video of a popular you tuber to copy its tags and use it in your videos.

Amazing software that helps you with TubeDominator as well as buffed in value thanks to the whitelabel licensing.

Fast Action Bonus #2

White-Label License to GeniusTube - Advanced Video and Movie Platform (Worth $997)

GeniusTube is an Advanced Video and Movie Platform that allows people to watch Free and Premium Content, basically allowing you to create your own video streaming platform and charge a fee for it.

The Admin (you) can create Subscription Plans for Business purposes and be able to activate/deactivate the plans also admin is able to create free and premium plans for the users. This System Shows the Movies and Videos by Languages Sorting, and Genres Sorting also System provides the video and movies by Cast & Crew. Admin can upload shows with the show’s seasons and episodes also. Users can see the subscription plan details from the user panel also the expiry date and the user is able to extend the planned date.

With unlimited users, usage and a whitelabel license, this is pure gold.

Fast Action Bonus #3

White-Label License to Playbob - Simple Video Sharing (Worth $997)

Video Sharing is an amazing way to get traffic today, and Playbob is really simple video sharing technology that gets the job done (traffic)

Here are the core features:

  • Upload Your Videos Easily
  • Protect Your Videos With Password
  • Access Your Videos Anytime
  • Share Your Videos Anywhere Online

Bottom line, this bonus alone will boost your traffic and exposure, and it’s backed by a whitelabel license.

Fast Action Bonus #4

White-Label License to VlogLab - Online Vlogging Platform (Worth $997)

Vlogging is getting more and more popular, which is surprising as I was sure podcasting is much bigger and killed vlogging, but no, vlogging is HUGE still and growing!

there are more than 37 million YouTube channels on youtube only. The number of channels is growing strong. People all around the world are creating videos, and uploading 500 hours of video every minute. lots of content creators now looking for their own platform to list their videos, that’s can they get more reach, and sometimes they can earn extra from their website by listing their videos.

VlogLab is the perfect solution for a single video content maker. It supports paid and free content, there are subscription facilities, online payment gateways, LiveChat, SEO manager, and multi-language facility and so much more!

So, launch your vlogging business or use vlogging to support your youtube business, and you can remain anonymous while doing so, fully automated, and buffed by a whitelabel license.

So What Are You Waiting For?
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Considering Other Options? No Worries, Keep In Mind Though
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SEO Is A Sensitive Thing..There’s An Ever Changing Algorithm & Strong Quality Control, You Need To Have Really Good & Reputable SEO Technology, TubeDominator Is Exactly That.

And at the moment we are the first and only in the market that are the complete package.

Enjoy Strong Servers, Quick, Efficient Support
& Ultra Fast Task Execution.

Our tech isn’t some low quality basement born tech (although some amazing creations were born in basements, but most of them are low quality garbage so technically I’m right)

Like I said, I’m a 7 figure techpreneur, I’ve got enough connections and experience to hire a professional team to develop something as innovative and as BIG as this.

So aside from a fancy dashboard, behind the scenes, you will enjoy very strong and reliable servers, very fast and effective support & smooth task execution by the A.I, no lags no long loads, no bugs and issues.

Smooth Smooth high quality tech.

Special Pricing Just For You, Just For Today.

If you’re reading this line on this page, it means it hasn’t been deleted yet.

Which means we are still running a special offer.

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  • Increase current poor rankings by 50x, 70x and more using game changing A.I Technology.

  • Create videos that will outrank other videos

  • Extremely Safe & 100% Whitehat SEO Solution

  • Make Your Brand, Website, Video Or Page Feature On Page #1 Of Youtube For WEEKS & More!

  • Featuring A.I Video Creation, A.I Trend Adapting, A.I SEO Optimization & A Complete A.I Based Suite To Get Traffic From Youtube

  • Offer The Hottest SEO Service Right Now (Video Rankings) Complete & Sell In 3 Clicks

  • Enjoy Long Term & Reliable Rankings Thanks To Our Algorithm Adapting A.I Technology

  • Completely SEO and Beginner Friendly, Easy To Use, Just Speak To The A.I And It’ll Do The Rest!

  • Agency/Commercial License + Support Tools Included To Launch Your SEO Agency In Minutes

TubeDominator: Create And Rank Videos On Page #1 Of YouTube

Why Such A LOW Price?

Let's be honest, everyone is selling these “affordable” courses and Softwares are what’s “HOT” now.

Yes, we can charge more, and yes we should charge more because this A.I Tech is UNLIKE any other A.I Tech out there.

But we won't.

Because the more people we will get to buy this during launch time, the more customers we will have to do business with in the future.

But we will make small increases, and then we will increase it like CRAZY when the launch will be over. MARK MY WORDS, it WILL increase.

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We CANNOT guarantee results, we CANNOT guarantee anything will happen. We can just share our own results and how it absolutely changed our businesses & our lives. However, we CAN guarantee that we did our BEST to make this software as effective as possible.

If you encounter any technical problem with the software and support cannot help you resolve it, we will refund you. Also, you can test it out risk free for 30 days.

Thank you for your time,

Victory Akpos & The Entire TubeDominator Team

Frequently Asked Questions

A: It’s a cloud based software, and it works on any device.

A: Yes, 30 days no questions asked.

A: TubeDominator is indeed ALOT, in terms of the tasks it performs, it performs multiple important seo tasks at once.

But, on the face of it, you speak with the A.I, and the A.I is what will create everything for it’s as simple as just talking to a chatbot.

Doesn’t get any easier than that to rank and do SEO.

A: YES! At the end of the day SEO is just traffic, and everyone needs traffic. Just imagine whatever offer or product you want to promote, imagine your affiliate landing page is placed on page #1 for that’s crazy traffic from the get go. Basically, if you want traffic, you should do SEO, and therefore, you best use something like TubeDominator.

A: Contact Our Support At [email protected] & We’ll Do Our Best To Answer Within 8 Hours, Max 24 Hours, 7 Days A Week!

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